The Content Multiplication System

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The Content Multiplication System

Jay Yang
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For writers, content creators, and solopreneurs that struggle to consistently ideate, write, and publish their ideas.

Steal The Content Multiplication System To Create High-Quality Pieces of Content In As Little As 30 Minutes A Day

“You don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the
level of your systems.” - James Clear

Hey friend, welcome!

You came to the right place.

If you’re on this sales page, I’m gonna assume you understand the power of creating content.

But you don’t want to be just any creator…

You want to attract loyal fans and turn your ideas into income.

Well, I hate to break it to ya - but you’re not the only one.

And if we’re being completely honest, most creators struggle to stand out, grow a loyal audience, and turn those fans into $$$.

They don’t know WHY they’re creating in the first place.

They don’t know who their audience is.

And they don’t know how to consistently create content at scale.

Because of this, they’re stuck on the never-ending hamster wheel.

Each day, they wake up, scroll the timeline for “inspiration”, scrape something together they’re not 100% proud of…

…aaannd get crickets.

Have I struck a pain point yet?

That’s what I was trying to do. Did it work?

It did? Great.

How do I know you so well?

Because only a year ago, I too, was just like you.

Ambitious, full of potential, but honestly? Not gaining any traction.

And in my case…

It led to me serious burnout.

And it was then that I realized, something had to change…

So I did.

I took a short 2-week break.

Drank a lot of water…

Reflected on my vision, values, & mission…

And studied systems thinking like a madman.

What I discovered during those 2 weeks?

I had been playing the game ALL wrong.

What do I mean?

Well, have you ever wondered how some creators seem to never run out of interesting ideas?

How they seem to “be everywhere” yet only work 1-2 hours a day…

While you’re stuck working your butt off only to produce ½ their output (and grow even less)?

Well, that’s because there are two types of creators in this world:

Creators that scale their brand on easy mode, and creators that can’t seem to gain any traction.

The creators that scale their brand on easy mode (the multipliers) never run out of interesting ideas, always create high-quality content, and leverage their network to gain outsized returns.

They bypass the usual “ruts & pitfalls” that most creators fall into and are always being talked about and copied by others.

The multipliers can write once, and distribute infinitely. That allows them to unlock access to networks the “adders” will never see.
The multipliers get exposed to amazing people, offers, and opportunities.

The adders suffer.

The adders don’t understand how to multiply their content and they’re stuck coming up with new ideas each day.

Wake up. Think really hard. Then throw something together.
Don’t get me wrong…

+1 is a lot better than nothing.

But if you want to join the top 1% of creators:

You need to learn how to build systems.

The first thing you’ll learn in this course is how to harness the power of the “Content Multiplication System” and how to wield it like a multiplier.

Whether you want sales for a product, clients for your business, a job opportunity from a CEO, or the phone number of a celebrity…

The best way to get access to all of these amazing opportunities is to learn how to multiply your ideas.

What has being a content multiplier done for my life?

In the short period I’ve implemented the Content Multiplication System…

I’ve grown my audience to over 150,000+ people across Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn…

Worked with multi-7-figure business owners, founders, and thought-leaders, built a large newsletter audience, made $2,741 in one week…

And got followed by Conor McGregor.

The craziest part?

I did all that while still going to high school.

And NONE of that would’ve been possible if I didn’t learn how to distribute my ideas on the internet.

What is the Content Multiplication System?

Put simply, it’s how I turn 1 simple idea into a newsletter, Twitter thread, 4 tweets, an Instagram post, and LinkedIn post that I can repurpose infinitely to multiply my message.

Inside this course, you’ll learn:

  • How I brainstorm, outline, write, and edit my newsletters using my PSUBS Method, 5A Framework, and ABC Editing Method
  • How I turn said newsletter into a Twitter thread that attracts more people to my newsletter (creating a reinforcing feedback loop)
  • Why writing high-performing tweets doesn’t start at your keyboard (or your phone)
  • The 3 “Content Banks” I use to track, analyze, and repurpose my content
  • The exact exercises I put myself through to gain clarity on my niche and who my ideal follower was (because you don’t want to multiply crap)
  • How to infuse self-education into your content system so you can get paid to learn
  • Why batching content is actually destroying your system (and what to do instead)
  • My exact content plan so you never have to worry about knowing what to post and when
  • My proven templates, checklists, and processes to create high-performing content
  • And a simple 5-step process to build your own content system (because everyone should have their own personalized system)

By the end of this course:

You’ll have a content multiplying machine that you can implement, iterate, and use for the rest of your life as a writer, creator, and one-person business owner.

More positive reviews for the Content Multiplication System:

What’s inside the Content Multiplication System?

Part 1:

  1. Define 🎯

Leverage my “Nail Your Niche” exercises to uncover your vision, values, and mission (because you don’t want to multiply crap).

  1. Write ✍️

Learn how to research and write a high-quality newsletter to move social media followers into email subscribers (while building authority & trust).

  1. Create 🧰

Steal 50+ of my content templates to create 10-15 content ideas each day.

Part 2:

  1. Promote 🗣

Use my proven promotion templates to scale your newsletter and spike subscriber growth.

  1. Multiply 🔊

Leverage my “Content Multiplication” method to turn your newsletter into 6-12 pieces of high-quality content to distribute across Twitter, LinkedIn, & Instagram.

  1. Distribute 🚀

Uncover the secret “Launchpad” technique that multipliers use to 3x their engagement.

My inner circle said that just the system itself was enough, but I’m a big believer in overdelivering.

So here are a few juicy bonuses to make this deal even sweeter:

Bonus #1: My Master Swipe-File ($97)

You’ll get access to my personal swipe file.

Inside, you’ll find my best-performing tweets and threads, as well as explanations of why they worked so well (and how you can replicate them to get similar results).

Bonus #2: The Twitter Thread Templates v3 ($97)

A collection of 29 plug-and-play templates you can use for your next thread, with explanations of why it worked, and over 25+ examples for each template.

You may already have access to v1 of the templates. Imagine that… but bigger.

Bonus #3: The Ultimate Guide to Building Online ($47)

My 7-step playbook to building a solo creator business.

This guide will take you from wannabe solopreneur to building your first offer.

(I honestly should sell this as its own product).

Bonus #4: A Breakdown of My Content Ecosystem (Priceless)

I’ve consistently grown 3k+ followers month over month without any BS Google chrome threads or scammy tactics.

I’ll show you exactly how I do it in under 1 hour a day while balancing school, sports, and life.

Got questions? I’ve got answers…

Q: “Who is this course for?”

A: This course is for writers, creators, and one-person business owners who want to generate high-quality written content ideas, organize their content, and distribute it across various social media platforms.

It was specifically created for Twitter, however, I’ll show you how to personalize it to fit your needs (Just understand it’ll take more effort).

Q: “Who should NOT buy this course?”

A: If you already have a framework for creating high-quality newsletter & Twitter content, then this course is probably not for you.

This course is a behind-the-scenes look at my personal system for ideation, research, writing, editing, and distribution. This is not a “Growth course” (although I will cover ways you can grow your brand). It’s focused on the principles behind my content system to help content creators publish more in less time.

Q: “What problems will this course help me overcome?”

A: Never have to wake up and ask yourself, “Well, what do I post today?” Never stare at a blank screen when you write. And never spend hours scrolling for “inspiration”.

Q: “What social media platforms is this for?”

A: The Content Multiplication System is designed for writers on Twitter. However, I'll teach you how to personalize this system so you can use it with various platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, or even TikTok.

Q: “Will this work for me if I have no prior content experience?”

A: Yes! The great thing about creating content is it’s permissionless. Meaning: you don’t need any prior experience to start publishing.

However, those with years of previous digital writing experience will likely experience faster results (in terms of audience growth and distribution).

Q: “How long will it take to see results?”

A: It depends. How committed are you to improving your craft? ALL great things take time… and selling this course as some “magic pill” won’t help either of us.

However, I can confidently say that by going through this course and learning the principles of content multiplication… you’ll be better off than 90% of creators out there “just winging it”.

Q: “Okay, you’ve convinced me. What’s included in the Content Multiplication System?”

A: Here’s exactly what you’ll get for $150:

1) The Content Multiplication Video Course ($197 Value)
2) The Content Multiplication Hub ($150 Value)
3) The Ultimate Guide to Building Online ($47 Value)
4) The Twitter Thread Templates v3 ($97 Value)
5) My Master Swipe File ($97 Value)

Ready to multiply your message?

Hit the link below.

And you’ll get instant access to the system.

Cya inside 🥂

- Jay

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