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Jay Yang
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How A 16-year Old Kid Gained 10,000+ Instagram Followers In 9 Months Using A Simple 7-Step Formula

After hours of rigorous testing and researching the best brands on social media.

I grew my personal brand from 0-10k+ followers in under 9 months using my simple 7-Step Formula.

The best part is you can too…

These are the exact strategies and tactics that I used to grow & explode my personal brand from 0 followers to 10,000+ in under 9 months.


  • Have an IG page idea but don't know how to start
  • Have an Instagram page but can’t grow
  • Want to grow an audience that will pay for your ideas

Then read on.

Hi, I’m Jay Yang from Chicago, Illinois. I’m a writer, designer, and digital creator.

9 months ago, I started an Instagram page.

There was no magic at first.

I searched for growth hacks, tricks, and algorithm “secrets”

But nothing worked…

It took me 2 months to reach my first 100 followers.

Finally, at the brink of giving up I gained roughly 1,000 followers in the span of 14 days.

It was insane to say the least.

I was ecstatic.

In the span of 2 weeks, I was more famous than my whole class combined haha.

The cool kid on the block.

THAT guy haha.

Now, if you expect the story to get crazier…

Then, sorry to disappoint you.

It doesn’t.

The Instagram algorithm noticed me.

I was on it’s radar.

And If I had ridden the wave of that high…

I don't know where I’d be.

Probably in over 20k or even 50k.

I can only imagine haha.

But I was and still am in school.

So, I had to prioritize my education.

Even so, I still managed to grow to a respectable 10k in 9 months.

And I learned many secret tips and strategies that the average person doesn’t know.

I gained the knowledge and expertise to leverage my personal brand, opening countless business opportunities and connections very few people get to experience.

And I want YOU to have this as well.

If a 16 year old kid with just a smartphone can do it, you can too.

Better yet, I’m giving you the resources to grow your brand faster even faster than I did.

Join the Top 1%

The majority of people use Instagram to:

  • Mindlessly scroll because they are bored
  • Get jealous of supermodels and athletes
  • Spy on their friends

You can be using it to:

  • Create a new stream of income
  • Become friends with the people you look up to
  • Build a platform where you can express yourself and be rewarded to do so

AND you can do this with less time than you normally spend on social media

This complete guide will show you how to:

  • Develop the creator's mindset
  • Create your personal monopoly
  • Optimize your profile to convert followers
  • Never run out of content ideas
  • Beat the algorithm at its own game

What people are saying:

Eliot Rathe (@TheQCGhost)


Armen & Levon (@themarketingcreatives)

After building my personal brand on Instagram, I've:

  • Built a sizable & growing audience
  • Met millionaires & SaaS founders
  • Connected with my "idols" and "heroes"
  • Created endless business opportunities

Instagram has changed my life.

But this is about you.

For less than 2 Big Macs, you can get all of my knowledge and experience distilled into a compact playbook.

I'll leave you with 2 choices.

Choice #1: Keep scrolling on Instagram, and wonder what would happen if you had started creating online.

Choice #2: Give yourself 15 min a day and start growing your personal brand and creating infinite opportunities.

If choice #2 is for you, click "I Want This" to change your life for the better and build a modern social media business with unlimited income potential.

  • The Complete Guide to Starting and Growing a Personal Brand on Instagram

  • Size
    3.7 MB
  • Length
    75 pages
  • The Complete Guide to Starting and Growing a Personal Brand on Instagram
  • Size3.7 MB
  • Length75 pages


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